“Business archives are not just about the past: they contribute to a nation’s understanding of itself and where it came from, but they also inspire innovation today which will have an impact on the future. I am always impressed by the enthusiasm of those working in the archive sector and their commitment to raising awareness of the value of archives for our society. I am sure this drive and determination will ensure the success of the Scottish Business History Network and that in the coming years we shall see the creation of fruitful partnerships between archivists, businesses,  historians, museum curators and communities, encouraging research into our rich business heritage.”


The Network was formally launched at a reception at Lloyds Banking Group’s Museum on the Mound in Edinburgh on 11 February 2016. We were very grateful to Lloyds for giving us the opportunity to launch the Network here as five years previously the National Strategy for Business Archives in Scotland, from which the Network has sprung, was launched at the same venue.


Alison Turton, Head of Archives at Royal Bank of Scotland welcomed the attendees and introduced the following speakers:

  • Susan Cooney, Head of Communications, Insurance, Lloyds  Banking Group
  • Karyn Williamson, Archivist and Danielle Pinnington, Head of Creative Services, Standard Life
  • Laura Mitchell, Deputy Keeper, National Records of Scotland
  • Professor Tony Slaven, Director, The Ballast Trust

Although Fiona Hyslop, the Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs was unable to attend on the night, her support for the network and strategy was outlined in a statement that Laura Mitchell read on her behalf which we have reproduced at the top of this page.


Anyone with an interest in Scottish business history and archives is encouraged to join the Network and to help shape its agenda and activities by articulating what they would like it to offer and achieve.


Find out more about the National Strategy for Business Archives in Scotland by visiting our strategy website here.